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Youth Compound Bows

Are you looking for youth compound bows for your son or daughter to get them started in the great sport of archery? I have been right where you are so I believe I can help. Both of my daughters took up the sport of archery at one time and I had to look at kids compound bows too so I know what its like.

Although I have been shooting since I was knee high to a tadpole, I didn't get really serious until I started hunting with compound bows in 1987. From there it has been a long learning experience even after a 10 year hiatus in the middle shooting and hunting with recurves and longbows. My kids of course wanted to be like dad as all kids do, but there are some things you should keep in mind when shopping for youth compound bows.

One thing to consider is are they going to stay with it? Both of my daughters didn't so keeping this in mind, do you really want to spend the big money for a new bow or do you want to consider buying a much cheaper used compound bow? I went with used kids compound bows and I'm glad I did because they both ended up quiting the sport. Now they just like to go if there is a camping trip involved and of course they still like to sleep in.

Another thing to consider is when shopping for youth compound bows is is the bow going to grow with them. Is the draw length and poundage adjustable over a wide range so you don't get stuck spending money year after year on another kids compound bow?

Are they going to hunt with you in time? If so you need a youth compound bow that will adjust up in weight so when they are ready to hunt, the bow is legal in your area.

Most archery manufacturers make youth compound bows and I have highlighted what I consider to be the best below.

Recommended Kids Compound Bows

The Genesis youth compound bow is a great starter bow for younger children. The Genesis is unique in the fact it does not have any let-off or set draw length. There is no need to make adjustments as your child grows. The draw weight runs from 10 to 20 pounds and increases as their draw length increases. Draw lengths run from 15 to 20" and the bow can be shot with fingers. A friend of mine has his 5 year old shooting this bow and it shoots an arrow at 170 fps, that is amazing for a 20 pound bow.

PSE makes a wide assortment of kids compound bows and I have listed many of them here for you to review.

The Diamond Razor Edge youth compound bow is for when they have grown or are starting out later in life so they can handle a little more weight. The bow comes in two draw weghts that cover anywhere from 15 to 60 pounds of draw weight. If you were to choose the 60 pound bow it will adjust down to 30 pounds and as they grow into it you can raise the draw weight. Draw length is adjustable from 19 to 29". This bow ibo's at 308 fps making this an excellent kids compound hunting bow.

The Diamond Rock is another excellent youth compound bow for older kids. Draw weights run from 40 to 70 pounds and draw length can be adjusted from 23 to 30 inches. The bow ibo's at 319 fps making this a full fledged youth hunting compound bow.

Bear, Martin and Hoyt make a few kids compound bows as well but they are not as popular as the ones above. Martin and Bear also haven't seemed to bring the level of the bows up to the same level as their adult bows. Martin for instance is still hanging the cams off the limbs in brackets, an inefficient design that died years ago.

If you don't see the youth compound bows or kids compound bow your looking for then check back at a later date. Or do a search on the main website to see more listings once you click on over and take a look at these bows. There is bound to be something to fit your needs.
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