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Bear Compound Bows

The legendary Fred Bear started Bear archery and later bear compound bows back in the 1930's during the depression. It can arguably be said he was the father of modern bowhunting. He took every North American game animal there is with his recurves and the Bear razorhead broadhead. He was committed to quality and craftsmanship and modern design in his bows.

Today Bear Archery continues to offer those fine recurve bows and has of course expanded into compound bows. One of the first bear compound bows I ever owned was a Bear Whitetail 2. By today's standards that is a slow bow but at the time it was one of the better bows on the market. It was very easy to shoot and very accurate, not unlike the newer bear bows which Bear has taken to another level.

Bear claims to lead the market in compound bow limbs that are made from long uncut fibers that are pressure molded to form the limb. They claim these limbs are stronger and transfer energy more efficiently than laminated limbs.

Bear archery joined forces with Will Primos who brings innovative designs and ideas to the archery world. It has been a very good fit for Bear with the release of the Truth and Truth 2.

The Trophy Ridge accessories are now part of the Bear family and are without a doubt some of the best accessories on the market. These accessories compliment Bear compound bows to bring out their best.
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